Tap House Grill Membership Club

We have an exciting rewards program for our members!

  • Free to Join
  • 20% off your check the first seven days of every month
  • Work towards cash rewards each visit
  • Invitations to private events
  • Membership Newsletter

Tap House Grill currently boasts more than 12,000 members and you all deserve to get more out of your visits to the restaurant. As always, you'll receive 20% off your entire bill the first seven days of every month (happy hour food not included). now, we also can track your visits and reward you in other ways as well. you can begin accumulating points the day you join. those membership cards can retain value and be used to redeem your rewards. the new rewards are as follows.

Now we can finally track all the different beers you try more effectively than ever. After you've logged 40 different beers you'll earn a free tap house grill t-shirt. after you've sampled 80 different beers, we'll add $25 value to your card. after 120 beers, we'll add another $50 to your membership card and if you manage to cross the 160 mark, we'll reward you with $100 added value to your membership card. remember, this for trying different varieties and labels. we want you be adventurous and sample all that tap house grill has to offer.

Another great way to earn rewards is to just be a frequent guest with us. As a member, we'll be able to keep track of your visits and how much you spend. we will then reward you for visiting us. this is a great excuse to pick up the check for that business lunch or happy hour with a couple of friends. every time your card registers $500 spent at tap house grill, we'll add $50 to our membership card that you can use the same way you would a gift card.. (rewards have no cash value.)